Dental Implants

4 Implants from £150 a month!

A free no-obligation consultation is an excellent opportunity for you to view our clinical environment, meet the staff and discuss treatment options. There are no hidden fees or charges of any kind. As part of our standard consult you will get:

  • New smile for just £150 a month on finance

  • Top quality Titanium Screws

  • Your consultation is completely FREE

  • Our dentists practice anxiety management so no need to be nervous - Plus it’s a pain-free treatment!

  • Consultations are available evenings and weekends

  • Throw out dentures and forget worries of gum disease

  • Our price includes everything - implant, abutment, veneers, X-rays, crowns and aftercare - no hidden charges just one price

  • FREE £375 Teeth Whitening with every treatment


At The Lotus Clinic we can now offer our implant patients a brand new type of procedure called ImplantPilot™

This is a revolutionary new system developed to increase the precision of implant placement whilst being less invasive and more comfortable for you as a patient.

Using the latest digital technology, this procedure allows for virtual implant placement planning well in advance of the actual procedure. This planning allows for a predictable final outcome and the possibility of placing implants and attaching prefabricated teeth at the same appointment.

Placing conventional implants requires the gums to be cut and folded back to be able to access the bone at the implant site. The beauty of ImplantPilot™ is that it uses a keyhole technique that causes far less tissue damage and reduces post-operative discomfort. No sutures are needed, there’s less risk of bleeding and treatment time is greatly reduced

What are the advantages of this innovation?

  • Precise keyhole surgery that is less invasive than conventional procedures

  • No stitches required

  • Less time in surgery

  • Greatly reduced post-operative discomfort

  • Increased precision placement

We are convinced that ImplantPilot™ marks a significant improvement to conventional treatment. We can discuss in more detail the advantages of this procedure at your consultation appointment to see if this is ideal solution for you.

ImplantPilot™ - The revolutionary dental implant system

Dental Implants could be the answer.

When you have missing teeth, it can affect much more than just your smile. It can reduce your self-esteem and confidence which can ultimately affect your overall health. But you don’t need to miss out on a lot of the good things in life because of ill-fitting dentures or missing teeth. Dental implants could be the perfect solution

There are many reasons why people can lose teeth, such as an accident or the result of periodontal disease. Replacing missing or damaged teeth with dental implants can give anyone the confidence to once again enjoy eating, speaking, and smiling

Implants are exceptionally durable and can actually last a lifetime with proper care. As implants are anchored into the jaw they are non-removable, which makes them much easier to clean and eliminates the messy adhesives necessary for dentures.

At The Lotus Clinic our implant surgeon is Dr Guy Sharon, a graduate of Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel class of 2002. He worked for three years in two major hospitals in their Maxillofacial Surgery departments until 2003 when he began working as an oral surgery practitioner and implant surgeon. Dr Sharon takes great pride in his implant treatments and his calming manner has made him extremely popular with our clients. Dr Sharon also offers minor surgical procedures such as apicectomies and wisdom tooth removal.

If you would like more information about dental implants call us today on 020 8201 8080 for a no-obligation consultation of your specific needs.


Dental Implants Golders Green Before
Dental Implants Golders Green Before


Dental Implants Golders Green After
Dental Implants Golders Green After

For people with no teeth and WITHOUT an existing denture

If you have no denture, or a denture that you are not happy with, then we can make you a new one as part of the All-on-4 Teeth in a Day process. If this is a suitable option for you we will be able to design your denture exactly how you would like it to look. The Natural Look: A natural looking denture with teeth that are appropriate to your age, are not uniform in colour and have some natural and slight rotations to them. The Hollywood Look: The whitest smile with teeth that totally straight and completely in line. We can also make your new dentures anywhere in between!

For people with no teeth and WITH an existing denture

If you have no existing teeth and have a denture that you currently like, we can use this denture and ‘fix’ it to a new fixed implant bridge. This works well if the denture is in good condition and bites well against your opposing teeth. Many patients like this option as it maintains their appearance and totally stabilises the denture so that it no longer moves around.

For people that wish or need to keep some existing teeth

Many people in this situation either have an existing partial denture or simply live life with missing teeth. Having missing teeth is not a great option as the surrounding and opposing teeth will have the tendency to ‘fall’ in to this space creating problems in the future. We can make a partial denture in a day for you that is supported by new dental implants.

For people that wish or need to have all existing teeth removed

If this is you then we can make a new fixed bridge for you to wear as soon as you leave the practice. The good news about this treatment is you start the day with damaged or possibly loose teeth, and go home that night with a new full set of great looking, rock solid teeth – a truly dramatic and life transformational change.

3 ways dental implants can change your life

If you feel self-conscious about your missing tooth or teeth…you can stop worrying now.

Dental implants from Lotus Clinic are the answer. Your dentist will gently place a titanium implant under your gum to act as the root of a tooth.

Your new tooth - made to perfectly match the colour of your teeth - is then securely placed on the implant…

… giving you a great-looking new smile.

It’s a cost-effective way to solve your teeth problems.

How will this change your life?

  • You can get rid of low self-esteem and embarrassment caused by your missing tooth or teeth

  • You can find fresh confidence with your new smile

  • Eating will become more pleasurable (many of our implant patients say their new crown works as well as a real tooth)

And no one will know you have an implant.

‘Gold standard’
At Lotus Clinic, we’ve put a spring into the step of hundreds of patients like you. Dentists say implants are the “gold standard” for replacing missing teeth. Our patients often have more than one implant.

How does it work?
It begins with a simple procedure. We place the titanium “root” under your gum and it’s left to heal for a few weeks. This gives the jaw and the implant time to integrate. Then it’s time to fit your bespoke ceramic crown. From start to finish takes just a few months.

Why Lotus Clinic?
Our patients regularly thank us for boosting their confidence. They’ve stopped covering their mouths with their hands. They smile more.

Happy patients
Our skilled dentists have practised for a combined total of 40 years. Many of our happy patients have been with Lotus Clinic for years. They deserve the best dental treatment. So do you. Our dentists will tell you that, as with real teeth, if you look after your implant and crown, they can last for many years.

Money well spent
We can help you to feel good about your teeth with implants. And they’re becoming more affordable.

Finding out more is easy...

Simply contact us today or book a FREE consultation online!

All-on-Four Same Day Dental Implants

Are you fed up with ill-fitting dentures or missing teeth and feel it’s about time that you smiled and ate again with confidence? Many people nowadays lead busy lives and simply can’t wait for many months to have standard dental implant treatments. If this sounds like you then same day dental implants could be the perfect solution.

The All-on-4 implant is a technique that allows a fixed bridge to be fitted onto 4 dental implants in one day. Normally, a patient would need to have six to ten dental implants in order to replace all missing teeth (in either jaw), and sometimes would even require adding artificial bone. However, in this procedure only 4 implants are placed in specific angles to provide greater stability. An immediate temporary bridge is then screwed onto the implants so patients can leave the practice with a new set of fixed teeth!

Benefits of All-on-Four Dental Implants

  • Minimally invasive procedure

  • Less pain and swelling

  • No more ill-fitting dentures

  • Eliminates denture adhesives

  • Teeth are secure like your natural teeth

  • Fewer dental visits

  • Immediate results

  • Cost effective compared to traditional implants

  • Life changing procedure

  • New teeth in as little as just one day

  • After the procedure, you can eat, speak and smile with confidence

Why choose the Lotus Clinic?

  • We only use original All-On-4 parts from Noble Biocare

  • Our implant surgeon is Dr Riz Sayed, a highly experienced Noble Biocare approved implant surgeon who carries out all the All On 4 implants

  • We provide you with immediate same day teeth; our technician, Ashley Byrnes from Byrnes dental lab comes to the clinic for the whole procedure and makes the immediate temporary bridge fit perfectly, all in our state of the art London clinic

  • We offer a 5 year Guarantee on all the implant and bridge work

  • The final constructed bridge has a titanium framework with Noble Biocare components

  • We have one of the UK’s leading teams providing this service

  • We offer IV sedation for the patient’s comfort, so patients can have their teeth while they are asleep

  • We offer interest FREE credit over 12 months or payments can be spread over 3-5 years

All on four implants Lotus Clinic
All on four implants Lotus Clinic
Dr Riz Syed

Dr Riz Syed

Special interest in Dental Implants

GDC: 77092

Dr Riz Syed qualified in 1999 at the Royal London Hospital after which he worked in the oral maxillofacial surgical department, then in numerous specialist surgical practices for a number of years.

He has successfully completed extensive postgraduate studies in both implant and restorative dentistry and completed a Master’s certificate from University of California Los Angeles (UCLA). He has trained extensively in both America and Europe in advanced soft and hard tissue management and has recently completed an advanced training course in oral plastic surgery in Dallas, Texas.

Having established two large referral surgeries he has been awarded the clinic of excellence in implant dentistry. His practice includes sinus grafting, surgical crown lengthening and hard and soft tissue grafting.

Dr. Syed lectures both nationally and internationally on all aspects of implant dentistry including hard and soft tissue management. He is also a visiting surgeon to numerous surgeries across London. As a mentor for Nobel Biocare, he has helped to train many implant surgeons across the UK and is regularly consulted for treatment planning complex cases. He is a member of the, Association of Dental Implantology (ADI), International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI) and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine

How can we help you?

  • I'm afraid of the dentist

    You’re certainly not alone. It is reckoned that one in four people in the UK dread going to see the dentist.

    Dental anxiety is very common and can leave you feeling nervous or afraid of coming to the practice. Common fears include fear of dental pain, loss of control and needle phobia. Whatever the fear is all our clinical staff are trained to help nervous patients and we have a range of solutions for making your visit easier, including discussing your fears, distraction techniques, and light sedation if appropriate.

    If you are worried because you haven’t been to the dentist for a long time and you are concerned that you will be told off or reprimanded for neglecting your teeth - please don't be. We are here to help and guide you through the process of improving your oral health and our long-term aim is to give you an improved quality of life and the smile you deserve.

    Find out more about sedation at the Lotus Clinic

  • I'm having a hard time chewing

    Chewing problems can be caused by bad teeth, missing teeth, or poor-fitting dentures. It can be impossible to enjoy your favorite foods with damaged teeth and diseased gums. Many denture wearers also complain of not being able to eat the foods they love and being restricted to a certain type of diet, not to mention the constant worry of losing their teeth in the middle of dinner or conversation.

    If your teeth or dentures are affecting your diet and reducing your quality of life, it’s time to see Dr Mickey Frankl. Whether it’s one missing tooth or a mouth in need of complex reconstruction, Dr Frankl has the skills and expertise to bring back your chewing ability and make you feel better about yourself. We provide several implant solutions for missing teeth, including fixed permanent teeth and dental implants.

    Find out more about how dental implants can improve your smile

  • I'm embarrassed to smile

    Are you embarrassed to smile because of bad or missing teeth? You’re not alone. Many people hide their mouths behind their hands or smile timidly because they are self-conscious about their teeth. Whatever the reason (neglect, trauma or disease), you don’t have to suffer in silence. You can smile confidently again with the help of New Albany dentist Dr Mickey Frankl.

    Dr Mickey Frankl truly understands what it’s like to have dental problems and the embarrassment that goes along with it. This is why he focuses on improving not just your teeth, but your overall appearance. Missing teeth can make your face look sunken in, adding years to your real age. Our cosmetic dental procedures are designed to make you look even better over time.

    Our clinic provides life-changing cosmetic dentistry and Dr Frankl and his talented team treat problems that range from the simple (failing teeth) to the complex (full mouth rehabilitation). Treatment begins with a friendly conversation about what you want to achieve with your teeth, and ends with a solution that you are completely happy with.