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Smile Makeover

6 ways to get your perfect smile

Do you feel unhappy about your teeth? Many of us do. But now you can change things. You can alter the shape of your teeth, the size, the position, the proportion, the colour and the lack of symmetry. You can fix twisted teeth, stained teeth, gappy teeth and crooked teeth – and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

Now you can start to feel good about your smile, with a complete smile makeover. At Lotus Clinic, our experienced dentists are leaders in this field. Using the latest dental technology, we’ll help you to design your perfect smile.

Then we’ll give you a natural-looking new smile using one or more of these six cost-effective treatments:
• Porcelain veneers
• Same-day veneers
• Almost-invisible braces
• Dental bridges
• Implants
• Teeth whitening
Depending on your treatment, you can have a new smile within weeks or months.

How does these treatments work?

Porcelain veneers are ultra-thin porcelain surfaces custom made to fit over the front of your existing teeth. Many celebrities have improved their teeth with this treatment. But it’s cheaper than you might think.

Same-day veneers give a similar effect but are more affordable and quicker - you can be treated in one visit.

With almost-invisible braces you can secretly straighten your teeth in months.

Dentists say implants are the “gold standard” for missing teeth. Our experienced
dentists will place a titanium implant under your gum. This acts as a root to
support your bespoke new tooth.

Dental bridges give a similar effect for a much lower price - and you can be
finished faster.

And with teeth whitening, you can reverse years of staining to look - and feel -

Why Lotus Clinic?

Lots of our patients have thanked us for boosting their confidence. They say they no longer try to hide their teeth in social situations.

Happy patients

Our skilled dentists have practised for a combined total of 40 years. Many of our happy patients have been with Lotus Clinic for years. You’re in safe hands.

Money well spent

We can help you to feel good about your teeth with a smile makeover. And these treatments are becoming more affordable.

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Smile Makeover Before


Smile Makeover After

Smile Makeovers


Many London dentists in the UK offer regular dental services such as cleanings and cavity checks, but for those who are looking beyond regular dental work, there are a large number of clinics that offer cosmetic dentistry. One of the most popular procedures being performed is porcelain veneer dentistry. Lumineers became popular because, unlike the older veneers that were made of resin, they don’t stain the teeth over time.

Lumineers porcelain veneers were created in 1974 and eliminated the older method of porcelain dental work that involved the removal of teeth and grinding down the top layer of the teeth.

A cosmetic dentist in London can charge anywhere from £300-£2000 per tooth for this particular type of cosmetic procedure. The price varies depending on how many teeth an individual is having done and what clinic a person chooses. A certain cosmetic dentist in London may choose to see only certain patients or may be well known and charge based on how reputable the clinic is.

Dental veneers are also called dental laminates by some because the porcelain is placed over the existing tooth as a protective cover. This is a simple process and the veneers are kept in place by a simple and effective adhesive.

One cosmetic dentist in London stated that most patients who request veneers are concerned about covering broken or chipped teeth and normally only have 1-3 teeth worked on. Other conditions that veneers help with are irregularly shaped teeth, discoloration of teeth and wide gaps between the teeth. Since these conditions can occur at any age, this service is offered to anyone that have all of their adult teeth. The most common age range for Lumineers are from eighteen to ninety.

Veneers come in a very natural bone color that doesn’t leave patients uncomfortable when smiling. Lumineers has become so popular that some dentists in the UK are exclusively only offering cosmetic dentistry at their clinics.

With an abundance of London dentist clinics to choose from, patients seeking this service can easily locate a practice near them and discover the simplicity of the Lumineers procedure.